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This etiquette/finishing school offers everyday etiquette classes and programs for children and teens. Our etiquette training will provide your children and teens the social skills that are needed in today’s world for both personal and professional success in their future. My classes are hands on, fun, interactive, and educational. In today's world parents lead very busy lives, and we all have the best intentions in teaching our children to have the very best manners. However, as time goes by our children grow older and time gets away. It's never too early to start teaching your children proper etiquette and to learn the essential social skills that they will need to use throughout their lives. It is a thrill for me to have the opportunity to teach your children the skills that are so desperately needed in today’s society. Remember it only takes...

“A little polish for a lot of shine”.

Why Manners?

Today it is a necessity for children and teens to learn proper manners and social skills now more than ever! In this etiquette school your child will learn everything from tables manners, self-confidence, phone etiquette, how to write a proper Thank You card, and much, much, more! Being accepted into colleges and attaining good jobs has become more and more competitive. Those who possess social skills that are well developed and polished will always stand out in the crowd, thus having the edge on their peers. Respect and valuing others, developing high integrity, and making others feel comfortable is the reason society must practice good manners.

Little Charmers

Ages 6-8

Perfect Princess

Ages 4-12

Essential Etiquette

Ages 9-16

Girl With Pearls

Ages 9-16

      Co-Ed Teens

       Ages 13-17

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